Harp Study

NOTE: There are 2 distinct Titles
Christina’s Tutorials & Creative Harp Series
What is the difference?

1.  Christina Tutorials – these are the introductory lessons that I guide the beginner or the already harpist into beginning Improvisation. These are recorded visual lessons that you will receive   bi-weekly for 6 months. You will also be invited to participate in a webinar bi-weekly to either watch your classmates or to play yourself for tips and comments. There is no pressure, you can choose any of the lessons to offer your song when you are ready. If you cannot make the scheduled webinar, you will receive a recording to view at your own time.

In the Tutorials, I offer 2 FREE lessons. You will want to have studied these along with the lessons #3-#10 which are for purchase – $160. (a mere $20. for each lesson). The classes start on September 23rd. The first two lessons are not expected to be learned by then – only to show you what the lessons will be like. However, lesson #3 will be available on that day for those who have enrolled.

2.  Creative Harping Series ⓒ – This is the Signature Series that students study who want to go deeper into patterns for improvisation. It is also the Series which is required for any student of the International Harp Therapy Program.  It is OPTIONAL for participating in Christina’s Tutorials – the Introductory level to Improvisation.  However, if you sign in for the Tutorials, you will receive a 50% discount on each of the Creative Harping DVDs. That is a savings of $225.00.  This purchase will need to be made by the end of 2019 for accounting purposes. You may either purchase all of the DVDs (shipping and handling extra) or streaming video at once, or individually, as you wish (no shipping or handling for streaming video). These more detailed Creative Harping DVDs lessons come with “support papers,” consisting of a detailed description of the mode and when you would use it, and accompanying music samples.

Creative Harp Complete Set

LINK to Optional Creative Harping Series

Note: Students will receive a special discounted invoice once they have enrolled in Christina’s Tutorials.