Harp Therapy

Practitioner graduates of the IHTP International Harp Therapy Program use the small harp as a bedside instrument with the intention of supporting the recipient’s goal of healing. This goal may be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual in nature. The soothing sounds of the harp not only can enhance the quality of life, but create the possibility of interactive work in which the recipient might play the harp. Working with the therapeutic harp is as varied as our clients.

Why is the International Harp Therapy Program Unique?

 The International Harp Therapy Program trains its practitioners in the following areas:

  • To learn an “enabling language” to help bring out the best in all people (through studies in Psychology and Counseling)
  • To understand the scientific and concrete aspects of sound vibrations
  • To develop intuition and be open to asking “What is willing to meet me” from a patient.
  • To develop a collection of musical tools in which to draw upon for appropriate occasions
  • To hold the spiritual realm of every being

2. The International Harp Therapy Program endorses a balance between music, medicine and spirituality.

3. Certified Practitioners offer both bedside music (repertoire from many genres) and interactive work with patients.

4. At the core of the program, the practitioner recognizes that each individual has their own Resonant tone, style of musical preference, mood, and their own rhythm. Combining these elements, the practitioner offers the client or patient their own personal musical journey or “their own cradle of sound” to help them in emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

The International Harp Therapy Program
offers On-Line and/or Attendance Classes that are designed to encourage students and players of all levels to join the program. IHTP is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. We meet and excel in all the Standards set forth by this organization.


The Harp Therapy Manual – Cradle of Sound
Christina Tourin’s 600-page manual is widely regarded as
the most complete and comprehensive book ever offered
in the field of harp therapy.

We have three websites dedicated to
introducing Harp Therapy
– as well as being home to the IHTP
and its students.


“For me, this week-long session was one of the richest learning opportunities I have had as an adult, and I have had some good ones. But – here’s the difference: I am grateful to have worked with people who walk their talk about personal development. This was simply some of the finest teaching I have ever experienced. I thank you.” —L.G., CTHP-2002, CO

“IHTP (and more specifically Tina, in addition to her faculty), has celebrated our individual uniqueness as people and therapeutic harpists, empowered us with practical tools to use on our own as our creativity speaks to us in its own way, and inspired us to be all that we can be, through watching her reach for ‘her own stars’ as the Founder of the IHTP. In short, she as transformed us caterpillars into soaring butterflies, each exuding our own color and character, each contributing to the rainbow of life that is harp therapy.” —E. B., CTHP – 2006, NH