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Emerald Harp Productions recommends the finest built harps
for new students and those pursuing a career in harp therapy. Each of these harps come with the highest recommendation.

*If you order your harp through Emerald Harp Productions, you will pay no more for the harp than if you go to the maker and in addition, you’ll save 75% to 100% on your first Instructional materials: Rainbow of Sound Books and DVDs 1 and 2 OR if you are already a harp player, you may choose to have the first two of the Creative Harping Series.

Truitt LeversWe have listed our harps, in terms of Small Harps: those suitable for “Interactive Therapy work” weighing approximately 7 lbs or less, that come with the exquisite and precise gold-plated Truitt levers™ (with exception of the Harpsicle™Harps).

MariposaByReesWe then list harps that are a bit heavier that are suitable for bedside playing yet portable and displaying the high quality sound we expect in a therapeutic harp. Both of these categories are perfect for the beginning harp player who is not necessarily interested in therapeutic music but wants to have the ‘creme de la creme’ of small harps to begin fulfilling their harp dreams.
bigshotYou will find accessories listed at the end of each of the relevant harp packages.

Check our current listing of USED HARPS at the bottom of this page.

All the small harps we list and recommend start on the C below middle C and have at least 24 strings and have a superb tone. Just find the harp that speaks to you and fits into your price range.

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