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Harp Therapy Manual with CD – Cradle of Sound – C.Tourin

This is a comprehensive book on Harp Therapy. There are over 100 topics covered in this book. The book is a text book and also contains a CD titled Heaven”s Seven. The CD offers music in each of the seven tonal centers with music in the reflective and outreaching modes. Price $95.00


  • What is Harp Therapy?
  • The National Certification Requirements for Therapeutic Musicians
  • Historical References
  • Music and Healing
  • ACADEMICS: Counseling Skills, TA, NLP, Anatomy, Resonant Kinesiology, Toning
  • MUSIC DEVELOPMENT: Improvisation Techniques, Modes, Tonal Quality and Intervals, Musical Elements, Tempo, Entrainment, Inclusive Attention, Resonant Tone, Vibroacoustics
  • SUBTLE ENERGIES – Energy Patterns, Chakras, Aromatherapy, Chinese Five Elements, Yin Yang, Tai Chi
  • Celtic Circle of Music
  • Mysticism and Science, Music of the Spheres
  • NDE”s, OBE”s, STE”s
  • Hospice and the Dying Process
  • The Grieving Process
  • Less IS More
  • Research on Harp Therapy
  • Harp Acoustics
  • Therapy Harps – What to look for
  • MEDICAL CURRICULUM: Interactive Work, Ethics, Etiquette, Immunology, Hospital Machines
  • WHERE THE HARP IS USED: Alzheimer”s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, Autism, Blind Harpers, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Coma, Dentistry, Disaster Relief, Hearing Impaired, Labyrinths, Migraines, Military, Multiple Sclerosis, Neo-natal, Palliative Care, Parkinson”s Disease, Pediatrics, Pets and Animals, Prisons, Psychiatric Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Stroke, Tai Chi Centers, Visualization
  • INNER DEVELOPMENT – Alexander Technique, Reiki
  • Starting a program, Marketing, Promoting Harp Therapy, Happenings and jobs, Training
  • RESOURCES – lists of music, sources

Price $95.00

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Illuminations Healing Music Book/CD – C. Tourin

Read the opening text in the Illuminations Healing Music Book and begin working on the following selections – any level:

  • Little Dove or Unite (Earth Element)
  • Harbor Cove or Tranquility (Water Element)
  • Shadow Spirit or Annwyn (Wood Element)
  • Diamonds from Heaven or Cherubim (Fire Element)
  • Clair de Lune (see Fingering Guide Video on right)

These pieces have structure yet are unfamiliar (except Clair de Lune) and serve the various human elements. For the Metal Element, the Chanter or Scarborough Faire in the Dorian mode is appropriate.

There is also a CD – Illuminations that will help in learning the pieces.

Price $35.00/book,  $15.00/CD

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Inspirations Healing Music Book/CD – C. Tourin

  • The inspired stories how the compositions transpired
  • Info on Coda Notations
  • Wee bit o Celtic Iona History
  • A 4th Octave Overtone Piece with fourth octave overtone notes listed in the Key of C
  • Beautiful photos of Iona

Plus: The music in this book has separate arangements for 15 original compositions for:

  • Beginning harp players with therapy harps with the lowest string C below middle C
  • Some additional arrangements for Flute, Cello, Harp and guitar/keyboard chords
  • Intermediate and Advanced versions that match the key and format of the song as played by Christina on the recording

There is also a CD – Illuminations that will help in learning the pieces.

Price $35.00/book,  $15.00/CD

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Creative Harping – The Signature Method for Learning to Play Music by Ear.

It is the Basis for Music Development for the
International Harp Therapy Program.


Music Development in the Int”l Harp Therapy Program combines three elements
1. expanding repertoire
2. understanding and utilzing sound frequencies
3. learning how to improvise using the mode system.

The book and video/DVD series, Creative Harping – Modes for Moods is required
study for graduation. These ten beautiful teaching lessons take you on a progressive
journey of easy learning while you also enjoy nature scenery. Three camera angles
provide close-up hand views showing technique, improvisational patterns, and
exercises. Christina has developed her own instructional method which challenges
beginners, intermediate and advanced players. You can play along with the videos/DVDs
and the book. The book provides a comprehensive glossary of chords for improvisation
in different keys and their modes.

This series is a valuable tool for people who want to get a head start on music
development before they enroll in the course. In some cases with approval of the director,
Module 2 can be taken before Module 1 provided the first six videos have been studied.


DVD Lessons 1-8 Price $50.00 each

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Treasures of the Heart – CD

This CD album features 19 selections of Healing Harp Music from the practitioners of the
International Harp Therapy Program.It is soothing, delightful and diversified.

CD – $15.00

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