Harp Instruction Books/DVDs


So many people come to the harp who live in remote places and do not have access harp teachers in their vicinity. We offer instruction books and DVDs for Beginners to Intermediate/Advanced harpists of all ages.


Rainbow of Sound Series of Books and DVDs
Learn to play harp AND read music – for beginners of all ages – more

Color My World with Harp – Music cards and DVDs sets
Add many new songs to your repertoire in a wide variety of styles – choose from 6 collections – more

Creative Harping Series – DVD and Streaming options
Learn how to improvise on the harp without written music using the different modes for mood and color.


There are other Harp Music books and CDs that fall into this category that are worth mentioning here.  Two great resources are from the Healing Music Series:  Illuminations and Inspirations.  These books offer many songs (25 ) which arranged for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

In addition, there is the JOIN IN Series that helps you develop your rhythm skills. You can play along with the accompaniments provided by professional musicians with these books.



To gather more information on these materials, please go to:

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